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Greetings folks!

Server Information

Name :- |TC| Triumph Combatants Server
IP :-
Gamemode :- DM - Beta v0.1
Slots: 100
Forum :- https://tc.pl-community.com/
Discord :- https://discord.gg/r7k66a5

Regarding the Server

Presenting you a new & simple deathmatch server with gratitude & honor. The name decided for the server is Triumph Combatants Server (TC). TC brings you the joy & spirit to polish your skills as well as experience some new features. We would like to announce that crouch is disabled in our server for shotguns and rifles.  We pledge to adopt a smooth game-play without any type of glitches/bugs. Currently, the server is in beta state. We will be adding new features and updating it continuously to provide you better gameplay whilst being entertaining.

Regarding the Management
Being an addict of VCMP, we know the on-going demands & criteria of game mode. We are free from those extra points & hence pledging to make the real theme on DM skills and something enjoyable along-with death-match. We want to come over with enjoyable death-match kind so we will try our best to make it the best and completely peaceful place for the death-match thingy. TC server invites everyone to be a part of it via joining our server, forum & discord.
The server is managed/developed by known players in VCMP. Keeping hatred aside, we work on the criteria of fair & pure behavior. We aim to develop the server accessible for every clean player, so they can taste the game & its features. As the server always demands a good and helpful staff team who can control/handle it nicely and keep the inside society of the server peaceful. We don't have a staff team with us, that's why we need a complete contribution to the server who can take care of the server. That's why staff applications are open now. We promise to keep the server well standardized and revolutionize the quotation of VCMP.  We will try our best to keep the server bugs free and enjoyable for all.

TC Management.
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