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[Accepted]Clan Application - Martyrdom


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Nickname: Martyrdom
Previous nickname(s): Sup_, RevengeRacer, Roentgen
Age: 16
Country: Venezuela
Timezone: GMT -4
Introduce yourself: I have been playing since 2016 under the nickname of Sup_ in Daydream Roleplay where nothing important happened I just stood there because my net was high and couldn't play in DM servers then, afterwards I met Argonath in 2018 where I sort of evolved from babysteps in my journey in VCPD which is where I first met Sevrin who was my superior (VCPD Sergeant) at that time, eager to help me at first but couldn't due to activity circumstances, afterwards halfway on 2018 I decided to give a shot to UF which greeted me warmly into it, even though I at first faced rough times from external pressure being boycotted for joining it by latino mates who I can't really call mates if they couldn't just respect that to be fair.

As the time went on UF was put through a harsh test for its existence where I stood beside with it alongside Spiller who was the CO-Leader at that time and we managed to pull through by summer of 2018 until UF went inactive and tables had turned again, I left 1 month after I got promoted to Global Moderator as I couldn't excercise that rank due to the abrupt events IRL that forced me to go to inactive without ETA which forced me to leave, but now quarantine came and here I am, my VCMP career is far from over and I wanna have a fresh restart here, specially alongside cool people like MaSoN and Sevrin regardless of whatever everyone says.

Do you have any ban history? Just got 1 week ban in 2018 in EC for death evading

Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): UF: Left due to real life issues which got solved by quarantine.

Reasons for joining RT: I would love to be part of this clan and help it evolve from babysteps to walking to beyond aswell as being there for it and seeing its growth from close, it would be a good journey I wanna partake in so here I am.

IRC/Discord: Sup_#9644
Are you interested in clan wars? Yes
Additional info: I am more active in RTV overall as I find it to be a very fun server over the likes of EC and LW and would also be active on EAD if it was active.
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Hey Marty, 
                  Thanks for showing your interest towards RT. Your application is under discussion and we'll get back to you shortly with result.


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