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[Accepted]Clan Application - ShadowJacK.


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Nickname: ShadowJacK.

Previous nickname(s): [UF]/[UFr]/[UFt]Shadow.JacK^, [KF]/[KFt]Shadow.Jack^ and [thug]Shadow.Jack^

Age: 22

Country: India

Timezone: GMT +5:30

Introduce yourself: I am playing VCMP since July 2015. The first server which I choosed to play in is VCCNR. It was nice and friendly server and I have spent my lot of time there by robbing and chasing robbers by being a cop. I begun my clan journey in VCCNR. The clan which I joined at first is "thug" ( Owned by the manager of VCCNR). Everything went good at that time. However, I left playing in VCCNR server at November 2015 because I figured out that staffs/managers/some players are constantly showing discrimination against my country.
The second server in which I started to play is VKs and later I completely left playing VCCNR. I have shown my interest towards my staff work to VKs. One of the coolest person which I met is MaSoN. He was always ready to help me and others. I learned Deathmatching and being staff in VKs. MaSoN and I have been in the staff and great partners since years. I have also been playing in others servers like LW, EC and CTF but very much. At the end of April 2019, I left staff completely and left VCMP for temporary due to my personal life. I was back to VCMP at March 2020.

Do you have any ban history? No.

Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them):

[thug] : The clan has been closed in the past and I decided to leave the clan. I was not sure if the clan could come back and regroup.

KF : Clan members were not active according to my timezone. I felt very lonely and nobody used to help me. I was with my childish attitude at that time. I regret for being impatient and leaving the clan for this silly reason. Later, I have promised myself to not repeat this mistake again.

UF : Due to lack or incompetent of management support, many of players left UF. After that, I was getting very low support from clan. I thought that I could make some changes since I was not the part of clan management but it didn't work. I gave up giving a hope on UF and I thought that I don't deserve clans because I kept assuming that my team support is poor and I will mess up in other clans. That's why, I didn't want to join any clan after I left UF.

Reasons for joining RT:

First of all, I didn't have a hope to join clans and help clan members. Recently, I got some positive people who helped me alot to change my mind about clans. I am very thankful to them.
I see RT is just formed and I decided to give a try and start
my clan journey again from small things. This time, I am willing to learn and show team work during clan wars. I have been knowing MasoN and IcyFusion since years. Both of them are very good. I also promise to stay loyal and I won't repeat my past mistakes. It doesn't matter for me if any member or member from management goes inactive. I am ready to bear for whatever it takes for clan.

IRC/Discord: ShadowJack.#9194

Are you interested in clan wars? Ofcourse, I am.

Additional info: I have recently started to play more in other servers like LW, RTV and EC.
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